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. >> good morning, everyone. a beautiful start for us on this sunday. fog has burned off. it is 59 degrees. after the cool start in the 40's, it is 59 at the airport. the humidity 78%. barometric pressure nice and high. the high temperatures this afternoon up around 80 degrees. we'll check the seven-day forecast when i come back in a few minutes. >> our big story this morning is a bleach fight in baltimore county. the hazmat team had to be called in and the entire store evacuated. >> 19 people were rushed to the hospital. sheldon dutes has more on what happened. >> i wasn't really scared, but i have a baby so i had to get out. >> the shong trip was cut short after a fight between two women spiraled out of control. around 11:00 in the morning, theresa jefferson followed a woman into the arbutus store. >> a suspect grabbed whatever she could grab at the time, and she grabbed bleach and a bottle of ammonia and poured these on the victim as she was assaulting the victim down on the ground. continued to pour these on her. >> they said they needed to evacuate the store. >> the problem was if it
. >> for many of us on the stage or certainly for myself, came out of the fact that what we know is that when people told us know, you can't do this, why are you doing this, you're just going to cause trouble. why don't you stay home? why don't you shut up? why don't you sit down? you know what to? it just did not work out that way. [laughter] they left us and made fun of us but in america, in america, when you become a protester, when you become a dissident, they sent to the congress. they don't put you in jail. [laughter] [applause] we need to organize for ourselves here and for the women around the world. that is what the near main spam us senator mikulski was joined by staff, friends from baltimore, and her sister fran. she says she wishes her parents were alive to see this. in seneca falls, the birthplace of the women's rights movement, debra weiner. >> senator mikulski was one of 11 in dubie is a law with billie holiday and coretta scott king. [sirens] >> and new law and a penalty for brolin drivers -- and -- for maryland the drivers for texting while driving. >> she was just a wonderfu
. it looks hazy. the winds are calm. high pressure in control. this is what's going to bring us quite a bit of sunshine as we go throughout the day. i mentioned that fog. be careful if you are traveling through low-lying areas. temperatures cool down. frost this morning. not out of the question. could have seen a little frost this morning. there were also freeze warnings out across the western tier of the state. frostburg at 49. amazing what the sunshine can do. a patchy area of clouds moving in across the western tier of the area. we expect sunshine throughout the area. then we have a cool system back in the dakotas. bouncing off showers there. it is going to be headed east as we look into tomorrow. it will increase clouds tonight. by tomorrow, we may have a little rabe rain with that storm system. we'll get to that in just a minute. spectacular out there. although, a little chilly. grab jackets as you head outdoors. around 64 degrees for ocean city today. for the bay the winds will be light ut -- out of the southwest. the futurecast shows we have sunny skies throughout the entire day. by
-enhanced rain showers because there is cool air coming in behind the storm system. overall for us, it is going to increase the clouds throughout the day. eventually we have a chance for sprinkles tomorrow. right now high pressure in control. that will dominate our weather throughout the rest of the day. there is a disturbance riding along this boundary. as this moves north of us, that may bring a chance of sprinkles. there is a better bet of rain once this storm system shifts our way. that comes into tuesday night, wednesday when we talk about heavier rain in the forecast. for today you have the sunshine to start. clouds moving in toward the afternoon. we will warm up into the low to mid 70's across central maryland. 73 for southern maryland. etion city will be in the upper 60's. cooler in nature. mid 60's toward the afternoon. they will be the first to see the clouds move in. they just get a taste of showers tonight. if you are taking the boat out, it may not be the best of ideas. we have a small craft advisory in effect for the afternoon and evening. because of the stronger winds, gusts coul
about the seven-day coming up. >> our big story this morning, from the floor of the u.s. senate, maryland's senior senator makes history this weekend. >> barbara mikulski was inducked into the women's hall of fame, and deborah weiner was there. >> this year's living inductees include a pioneering chemist and the first woman to enter the boston marathon. all who say they share the notion of impossibility. here's barbara mikulski. >> so many of us came out of the fact that when we knew when people told us no, you can't do this. why are you doing this? you are just going to cause trouble. why don't you stay home? well, you know what? it just didn't work out that way. they laughed at us, they made fun of us. but you know what, in america, when you become a protester, when you become a dissident, they send you to congress, they don't put you to jail. [applause] we need to organize instead of remaining powerless around the world. >> barbara mikulski was joined by staff and friends. but on a night like this, she says she wishes her parents were here to see. from seneca falls, the birth
in april. >> alonzo says a plan to close schools will target under-used schools. all the schools are expected to close by 2014. he says his plan will make the system run more efficiently and consolidate space. a list of the schools hasn't been finalized. the school board would have to approve any enclosures. >> the 2011 baltimore running festival is in the record books. this year's winner is a first-time marathon runner from kenya. >> for the fifth straight year it is sellout for the baltimore running festival. 25,000 people from all 50 states in 24 countries. the 26.2 mile course could take relay runners through the maryland zoo in baltimore where baltimore ravens rise and conquer were waiting outside the gate to greet them. >> wetch the penguins out -- we have the penguins out, an alligator, and our -- and snookie. >> a unique part of the course. perhaps the most scenic, lake montebello. >> it is amazing they still have grass. looking good, you guys! >> here marathoners and half marathoners get a chance to refuel. swallowing the -- >> is it hard? yes, it is hard. >> a beautiful
joins us for this morning's q&a. >> the ravens have a busy day on and off the field and how they are honoring a troops in afghanistan. >> call their continuing. how will it ship up for trick- or- >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist and a bob marley. -- ava marie. >> expecting this note completely to lend throughout the day. you can see what is left of this nor'easter as this still snowing in bangor, maine. the skies had cleared out, clear skies into maryland and high- pressure selling in. how much snow did we see? the big reason we got this was because we had this from the snow system and it rapidly intensified. 7.3 inches, 6 inches, and 7.8 inches back towards the elders bird. seeed you're still going to that it will take another day or so until a completely melt away. we only had a trace along the corridor. temperatures struggling to get above the freezing mark. 31 in hancock and it is getting into the upper 30's @ bwi. 42 right now at the inner harbor. the thing to worry about is the wet, slushy snow. temperatures dropped below cruising and black eyes w
government seem to be divided over what to do here. both the u.n. and the u.s. have weighed in. the u.s. is asking for a full accounting over just how he died. nato which prelaunched the air strike -- nato which launched the air strike said their mission here will end this weekend. the transitional council will formally declare the liberation of libya. back to you. >> the n.t.c. said it will hold elections for a constitutional assembly with eight months of deliberation and parliamentary and presidential elections a year after that. >> the death of muammar gaddafi could speed up the return home of baltimore journalist matthew van dike -- dyke. his mother said he went to libya as a journalist but ended up fighting along the rebels. >> he should be home in south baltimore in the next couple weeks or so. >> i don't want to say i am glad it happened, but i am glad libya is free of him. it may mean matthew is coming home soon. >> not long after muammar gaddafi was killed, sharon was on the phone with her son. >> there was gunfire, but it was a different noise -- it was a noise of joy. matthew
of anti-war demonstrations. protesters swarmed the building, and security guards had to use pepper spray to propel thesm one woman was arrested. a computer virus has hit the u.s. military's drone fleet. a report says the virus. the spy ware is resistant to removal and it is unclear if it is intention intentional or an accident. >> nearly three dozen of the national guard have begun their deploitment to iraq. over the next year, the aviation redgement will provide air force control for operation new dawn. >> i think like every other wife here feels, uncomfortable him. but i'm proud of him and i'm proud of what he's doing, and we'll be fine. but we can't wait until he comes home. >> 5:09 and 51 degrees on tv hill. >> and helping to bring bullies to a stop. >> and how habitat for humanity is changing the lives of multiple area families. >> first, tony has a live look outside. >> stay with us. "11 news sunday morning" is just "11 news sunday morning" is just getting started. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hin
gaddafi. they were flown to the u.s. following a request to hillary clinton during her trip last week. >> good news for coffee lovers in our "medical alert." seems like there is good news with coffee every week. why some believe it can help lower the risk for skin cancer. >> how concern is growing over dwindling resources. >> a live picture outside. ava has your forecast next. >> good morning. we are coming down on our latest snowstorm in october. the rare and unprecedented snowstorm that brought snow across the northeast. still dropping snow from boston to maine. quickly exiting to the northeast, which means our skies are finally clearing out. that is at least what we will expect as we go throughout the day. how much snow did we get? it really depends on where you were. the western part of the state, anywhere from 9 to 12 inches of snow in counties out toward montgomery, even into areas like frostburg. in southern pennsylvania, york county got upwards of 12 inches of snow. along the 95 corridor, you were lucky to see just a few snow flakes, or maybe unlucky, depending on how you look
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10